Maximalism means living healthily and promoting this kind of lifestyle, giving up the consumption of alcohol, nicotine and any other kind of drugs.

A Maximalist is always sober, therefore able to fully develop and persistently improve his life.

Maximalistic psychotherapy – a new trend of psychotherapy, rapidly developing worldwide, radically changing previously used less efficient methods. A famous psychotherapist M.G.Maksimalietis, known for his ability to help fighting against addictiveness, found out a new psychoscheme that led him to coming up with some new methods of overcoming dependences. After psychocoding sitting applying maximalistic psychotherapy people become health-conscious abstainers. The majority of freed alcohol addicts feel like never consuming any intoxicants again, even though they might manage to do it in moderation. After visits to our seminars, people often wide open their eyes and become very happy, sometimes you can see tears of joy from those who were unable to overcome their problems for many years. Maximalistic psychotherapy is special as it helps patients to overcome depression, stress, anxiety, anger management issues, insomnia and many other psychological disorders as they pull away from addictiveness . Long-term work and experience of M.G.Maksimalietis shows that those who complete the therapy feel liberated not only from neurotic disorders but also from majority of physiological troubles and discomfort caused by toxic-damaged brain. Therefore, “THE GLOBAL MAXIMALISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY SOCIETY” made a breakthrough in psychotherapy as the method aims to eliminate the cause of psychological problems – consumption of intoxicants.

THE GLOBAL MAXIMALISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY SOCIETY” offers to become aware by participating in private guidances and seminars, which will be announced on our website. Our movement is the groundwork for a new generation of Maximalists who fulfil their achievements by raising their level of sensibility. Feel free and feel the taste of your new life, where every day brings you satisfaction and desire to live. We want YOU to be happy. That’s why our international experience and skilled team of psychotherapists can help you become a Maximalist.