Alcohol is a recognized drug by many scientists worldwide. It’s important to know that all kinds of drugs have a common attribute: consumers are absorbed to more and more intensive stage of intoxicating. Not all of alcohol consumers reach the final stages of alcoholism, however, most of them reach the second (of three) stage – consuming it regularly, e.g. every weekend or daily after work in the evening. Psychological alcoholism starts from the moment a man is inept to realize that celebration is possible with staying sober. If celebrating something associates with drinking, a person is a beginning alcoholic. Stages define the intensity of one’s alcohol consumption. However, the system defines people as alcoholics only when they reach the degraded stage, yet it is inaccurate and wrong. Though a man doesn’t become alcoholic after drinking for the first time, it often leads to the latter stages. The third stage is reached the moment one starts thinking that every “normal” person should be drinking “in moderation”, however, it is hard to stop at this point and therefore the physiological alcoholism develops. This person starts drinking on daily basis until either they hear about the health dangers or are detoxified. However, until this point, people do not realize the threat, therefore not preventing others of destroying their lives.

This is why the lies are spread when our public figures talk about alcohol as a product made for temperate consumption. Its usage forces a man to deteriorate his health and the overall quality of life. The logic is simple: after starting to consume drugs you become a drug taker, therefore after using alcohol you become alcoholic. Because of this, the authorities should educate the society that it is best to never drink alcohol at all instead.

You can drink juice or water in moderation in order to not go in and out from toilet every few minutes, but when it comes to rational alcohol consumption, the laws of nature are violated. Scientists agree that 500ml of alcohol is a deadly portion for the organism when consumed at once. If a person does not start vomiting or being detoxified instantly, one might be about to die. Consequently, if after just a half of a litre of the substance one dies, it is poisonous. If C2H5OH is deadly in 500ml, how can it become drink or, as some say, medication when it is just poured into a 50ml capacities? That makes no sense. Even in 50ml alcoholic liquid is toxic, just the organism can clear itself easier. Many have experienced this in reality: the more you drink, the worse symptoms are.

Those who claim that temperate drinking makes no harm just try to justify their own weaknesses by deceiving themselves. “Temperate” harmful substances consumption poisons temperately too, yet it poisons not only health but the well-being at all. Therefore the more one consumes, the more damages it does and therefore suffers.

As the summer has begun, I would like to congratulate the abstainers – Maximalists. I wish you strong will to withstand the lure of narcotic substances. Remember – only if a man is clear of intoxicants, he can remove up to 80 percent of potential health and other threats inherent to drug addicts. If sober all the time, people can acquire some divine powers to successfully make their dreams materialize. Therefore I wish you swirl only from happiness you achieve!

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