Alcohol is a “pleasure” that is deteriorating the society, as more and more people become addicted to it. Is it drinking “in moderation” at the end of the week, or is it being absent from work because of alcohol? All of these are the signs of mental addictions, only different stages. People’s mentality is a thing of diversity, therefore ways of trying to get rid of the addiction are various. Some claim to be able to restrict themselves from it, sometimes managing it for a short period of time. Others, however, suffer their whole lives breaking their own rules. Where is the matter? Apparently, one’s environment and the stream of information is as important as one’s wish and desire.

“I wouldn’t consume alcohol even if I could do it in moderation. That’s the way my patient feels like after the visit, becoming a conscious abstainer”, tells Marius Gabrilavičius, known as M.G.Maksimalietis, who works as a psychotherapist in Lithuania and other the countries.

The ways of encrypting yourself against alcohol

There are many ways to stop the progression of an addiction that might destroy one’s life, but not every single of these are of high quality and expedience.

A medical one – allegedly having an injection or getting a capsule sewn into you – is efficient at times, though not very qualitative. Using this method, only the fear of death and illnesses that might occur after an alcohol consumption is a brake for a man, impatiently waiting until the end of “code”.

A psychotherapic way works in a little different way – during the session of momentum hypnosis a man is re-programmed installing the addiction to soberness.

Both of these ways affect a man psychologically, however the first on is based on the fear, created using the placebo method. The other one, however, forms a specific mental barrier that allows one to restrict himself from drinking.

Coding is a helper of a man, determined to change his own life.

Preparing to code

Before the coding, a man is not to consume alcohol. Most of the times the specialist set the duration of being sober, often about 10 days. It also includes staying free of caffein and tranquilizers (unless it is compulsory to consume). Well-known specialist of psychological addictions, psychotherapist M.G.Maksimalietis explains the preparation saying it proves a man to be strong and willing enough to alter your life. This kind of a man needs only some help from the professionals.

If one fails to stay free from alcohol for 10 days, it means that a man is not ready to recover. The fear of losing the occasions to “moderately” drink a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. This means, however, that the risk of breaking the code is too high. “I’m trying to help people instead of just ‘giving a helping hand’, therefore I can’t accept to a session those who fail the mental challenge”, says M.G.Maksimalietis.

In some cases one cannot be coded. It happens to those who are diagnosed with a serious psychological illnesses, if doctors restrict it. Those who decide to delay their session after the lecture about it as they claim their will to manage it themselves.  The one who doesn’t dare to get coded still can come for a conversation, and M.G.Maksimalietis has noticed that many of those accept to get coded instantly, and some come back later. There are many reasons for this, though the most common are failing to get rid of the addiction on one’s own and realizing the coding might be the answer.

No need to enforce it

Usually alcohol-addicted people reckon that to end it all you need just to pick yourself up. However, it is more complicated, getting rid of the addiction is long and exhausting work with your character rather than pushing a button.

In addition, don’t force others (even your spouse, parents or children) to be coded. A man doesn’t have enough of the inner motivation to stay sober, therefore no code is effective for him. He doesn’t want to get rid of the addiction at all and will almost certainly fail to do so.

After breaking the code, consequences can vary depending on one’s organism, however the poisoning of alcohol is much more devastating and increases the risk of mental or physiologic health disorders.

Let them feel the bottom

This advice might sound drastic, but it is vital to allow one to feel the bottom himself.

If a wife or husband, parents or anyone of one’s loved ones is next to him and takes care, he will feel in comfortably and safely. Sometimes he might need to realize that it is not much left to lose it all – his job, health and family. He will suffer pain, anxiety, loneliness and depression, accompanied by the financial shortage.

For an alcoholic, the vision of that future is scary as the safety is valuable for them. Therefore in order to help them, you need to leave him alone with his own problems for a short time, watching him from a distance. But if he finally decides to help himself and get coded, a little bit of support might not interfere him.

They might encounter the difficulties, having lived the whole different life before – shadowing their sorrows with the alcohol, creating the new failures and continuing their unhappiness, while drinking the same liquid because of the joy, more and more rare for these people.

But how can you relax with no alcohol?  How can you find anything else that can make you happy?

The beginning of it is often difficult, making one irritable and sensitive, however, later on they finally start enjoying their life and achieving their goals.

The abstainer’s brain are in a renaissance – he finds himself where he couldn’t have fulfilled himself earlier. People who beat the addiction often take up some new activities and hobbies, often even start their of business. Their brain become more active, therefore making a man more sensitive to any kind of evils in their environment.

It is often joked that the one who takes up the sober life and realizes what kind of joy it is, wants to tell it to the whole world. Some of their friends are often still into the addictions, however a man doesn’t want to come back to their past when remembering their own life in addiction.

The support of the loved ones is vital after coding

The mind of an abstainer work the right way, in other words, can segregate the good and the evil, therefore see the real world. This is why they must accept only the right information to their minds.

If the thoughts consist of “coding means I’m the weak-willed and too different from others”, it can cause one’s mind to break down. Instead remind them that you are happy that he is on the velvet, having a job and improving himself more than ever and more than any of the “moderate” consumers.

Everything he needs is to get aware of the advantages of being alcohol free instead of disadvantages. It has no drawbacks at all, however, a new abstainer might not think that way at first. Therefore he needs to be supported by his family and friends, even better when they are free of alcohol too, even better if anyone they has successfully come this all through before, now living the different life.

The addiction can occur to anyone, regardless of their age. M.G.Maksimalietis says there is no big difference, though. Of course, if one had been drinking for 40 years, his mentality and lifestyle might be difficult to reform, though.  Therefore, it makes his situation very hard to help.

However, it doesn’t mean that younger people are significantly easier to code – willingness and belief are far more important than age.

According to the specialist, alcoholism is unbelievably deep-rooted in our society, and too many people believe they can control the consumption of alcohol.

Psychotherapist Marius Gabrilavičius: „It is impossible to train yourself to control alcohol“ (Part 1)

A psychotherapist and a certificated hypnotherapist Marius Gabrilavičius, known as M.G.Maksimalietis on the Internet (about 70 000 likes on his “Facebook” page), treats the addictions of alcohol since 2008. Having gathered the experience of seven years, he has founded the Association of Maximalistic Psychotherapy that aims to train more professionals to work applying his new method, known as psychocoding, to treat the addictions such as alcoholism.

M.Gabrilavičius, the psychocoding specialist in Lithuania, Ireland and United Kingdom, assumes that the will to restrict yourself from alcohol is impossible to learn – even the moderate drinking is poisonous for health and negatively influences the chances to live a happy life.

“It is interesting that alcoholism is only identified at the end of the second stage at least, while it begins much earlier”,  says M.G.Maksimalietis.

So, what actually is alcoholism? How it impacts our mentality and the view of life? How to recognize the progressing stages of this addiction? Marius Gabrilavičius can tell all about it.

– We are used to thinking that alcoholic is the one who drinks vodka or strong beer everyday and can’t endure a day without it. How is it really? When can you suspect alcoholism?

– Everyone understands it differently, but every addiction is mental at first place. In my point of view, pscyhological alcoholism starts when a man thinks that alcohol can be used as a drink. The society and media can easily put him to this situation, spreading that it’s some kind of culture and helps one to relax and even recuperate

Those standards lead to thinking that everyone needs to be able to drink in moderation and those who don’t consume alcohol at all look a bit strangely. This information is the base of alcoholism, and when it reaches the minds, it appears to be psychological addiction.

Alcohol is a narcotic substance, even though it is legal and finely disguised – you won’t see “the section of alcoholic narcotics” in stores, it is just a drink here. Because of this, people face no fear of the alcoholism until they get used to it themselves.

Every narcotic addiction has its stages, alcoholism has too.

Whenever a man starts tolerating the substance, “moderate” consumption begins, but this moderation leads to a deep addiction. It progresses differently depending to a man, not everyone gets into the last – the degradation – stage, however, it is hard to avoid the dangers of the earlier stages.

I can safely say that many of the Christians are in the second stage now – they consume it periodically (weekly or even daily). They start with moderate drinking, but – think about it – would you consume poison “moderately” if you know it’s poison? This understanding is strained.

If you have started taking drugs, you WILL become addicted to them, and the stage of the addiction controls the use of it. It is impossible to control it yourself. The same applies to alcohol.

– So those who drink a glass of wine or beer a couple times of week after work are already addicted too?

– Yes, and it’s a second stage already, which is acute indeed. There is a majority of those people and they look into each other and think it is normal.

The conscious abstainer’s point of view is radically different – he won’t consider a glass of wine two times a week as normal.

–  So what are the stages of alcoholism and how can it be recognized?

– I would name three. It all starts with the “moderate” and “civilized” drinking that is a kind of alcoholism too.

The second stage is easy to pass onto and people often don’t feel the limit. They think they stay sober whenever they like, the problem is, they never want to. They give up on sober weekends or evenings after work.

I would tell that the limit of the first and second stage is when one drinks not occasionally but rather daily and plans drinking when there is nothing to celebrate.

It affects psychologically too – alcohol consumer starts to exist rather than live, his lifestyle, activities change fatally, as alcohol (and often nicotine) poisons his life.

Finally, some reach the third – degradation stage, when psychological addiction is joined by the physiological one, where a man loses his brake and his own organism starts to ask for alcohol.


It is interesting that alcoholism is only identified at the end of the second stage at least, while it begins much earlier.

Physiological alcoholism can be cured as it is an illness, but even after rehabilitation the psychology might not change – he would still want to “moderately” consume alcohol and not look abnormal to others.

However, not everyone manages to do it, as everyone might be in a different stage. The latter the stage is, the less chances are not to reach degradation straightforward.

It is not the question of strong will, it is just the impact of substances.

– Alcohol impact for a physiology is a talking point already, but what does it do to psychology and mentality? How does it affect self-esteem?

– The psychology is affected by any of the toxic substances – it is a virus for people’s mind. It depends on the strength of this virus and the quantity of the substance.

Therefore, the more intensively and frequently alcohol is consumed, the more unfortunate circumstances occur, he starts failing on his own life, feeling hopeless and stressful.

The second stage is easy to pass onto and people often don’t feel the limit. They think they stay sober whenever they like, the problem is, they never want to.

And then all the failures are soothed in alcohol, as the social standards told us that it’s the way to relax. It becomes an antidepressant even though its effect is an exact opposite, pushing one into a circle of alcoholism.

His private world encounters the stress, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence and irrational fears. He becomes afraid of anything new because of the fear of failure and drops deeper and deeper.

– Often an addict is unable to admit his problem. His family and friends are more likely to point it out. How could you advise them: how should they persuade an addict to search for help?

– Try to talk him into visiting the specialist for a consultation at least, you might even go together. Just don’t force him into it, as it will not be effective.

There is no need to make him feel an alcoholic that needs to be coded urgently, better explain him that many people have drinking problems and not only the people of latter stages decide to get coded.

During the consultation he would acquire some motivation and will to change. There are some effective methods that can shock and shake up a man inside and make him aware of his problem.

– What if he doesn’t admit a problem and says he is fine without any help?

– You should observe him carefully, he might, for example, overuse alcohol, feel badly and start thinking that he might need to change and give up alcohol at all. At times like that, it is good to start talking him into the therapy, just do it carefully.

Of course, loved ones never want to see a man reaching the bottom, but I would advice to show some indifference at times, as a man should understand he might become alone and still addicted.

However, the most frequent case is when after a week or two one feels recovered and therefore claims to never need treatment again, being able to control himself. However, the psychological addiction takes a lot more to overcome and might push him towards the glass of wine again. In the intensive stages, it might go to status quo very quickly.

Therefore in order to help them, you need to show a little bit of half-heartness and ignorance. From my own experience, I can tell that alcohol additcts only ask for help when they lose everything and they’re in some kind of trouble. In other words, when they reach the bottom and feel shaken.

None of family and friends want to watch him reach the bottom, they want to help before that, but I would recommend them to look after him from distance, as otherwise he would still feel in the comfort zone.

Only a shock can make one to pick himself up. While someone takes care of him and even buys him a bottle of beer, he will feel comfortably and won’t ever start to treat his alcoholism.

– But people who haven’t reached the latter stages usually ignore coding, don’t they?

– I wouldn’t say that. Sometimes people contact me even though the alcohol is not destroying their lives yet, they just want to leave alcohol behind at all and live sober life.

They just understand that alcohol is impacting their brains and harm their career, social life and health, so they chose to put it to an end. They decide to live better and alcohol hinders reaching it.

Psychotherapist Marius Gabrilavičius: „I can convert the addiction to alcohol to the addiction to soberness“ (Part 2)

In the first part of the interview, psychotherapist Marius Gabrilavičius told us about the psychological addiction to alcohol and how it affects people’s mind.

According to him, alcoholism is deep-rooted in our society and it is wrongly thought that alcohol consumption is easy to control.

The specialist, who applies psychotherapy coding from alcohol in Lithuania, Ireland and United Kingdom, claims that his method is not a miracle but rather a way to install some vital thoughts about sober life, based on long-time researches.

– So, what is the coding? What kinds of it are common?

– There is a wide range of the methods. I have heard about electroshock or even acupuncture therapy against alcohol. However, they are all similar as they aim to affect one’s psychology. Even the medical method when drugs are injected or a capsule is sewn into, works more on psychology than biology. A man is explained that he will feel unwell if he drinks, even risking his own life, therefore he quits drinking because of fear. But will he live a quality life? I think not. If he is not prepared mentally, he will suffer and wait till the end of the code rather than rule alcohol out forever. He will feel inferior and will go back to his old habits when the code ends.

The most important is to show a man he doesn’t lose anything when he quits drinking and achieves the better life quality instead. He should understand he is living rather than existing now and should be proud that he is better and stronger in this area. That’s what is done during the psychological coding. It makes a man enjoy his success and pay attention to the positives of being sober, concentrating to the gains rather than losses.

Every method is good as long as it’s effective, but the preparation for the sober life is important as well. It is crucial when a man tries to escape alcoholism. He needs to train the abstainer’s mentality in order to be proud and happy, not regret being sober. After that, the code will be just a protection, as a man won’t drink because he doesn’t want to. He will be protected by code only when in risk of breaking down.

I’ve been curing alcoholism for 7 years using psychotherapy method, based on scientist’s Genady Shichko re-programming methodics and psychocoding created by famous Russian doctor A.R.Dovzhenko.

I have analyzed Shichko method using psychoschemes and have found a psychoscheme of addictions, using  that knowledge in my works. My methods help people not just trust code, but develop the soberness in their minds.

A man finds out how to do it and becomes a conscious abstainer who can claim that even if he could/can consume alcohol in moderation, he still would not. This is the key thought for every alcohol-free mind. This feeling can be developed by many people, I proudly feel this way too.

– And how does this process since asking you for help happen?

– A man registers for a consultation at first, where is motivation is being checked. He feels the desire to become alcohol-free, as it becomes the first step in clearout. People already feel free after the meeting, however, this method works only when done until the very end.

After 10 days, during which a man must not drink alcohol, he comes to a coding session. These ten days is a proof that a man is motivated enough and prepared for a challenge. If he was clear for 10 days by the time he comes to me, coding can be started right away.

When using the method, some laws of psychology are used. They reach one’s psychical being in the form of addiction that forces you avoid any opportunities to consume alcohol. In this way, the barrier is formed and a man feels he is not to pass that. Therefore, after the session even the alcohol addicts can acquire a new addiction instead – from soberness. Laws of psychology work that way – turn on a program and another one shuts down.

– How many sessions are needed?

– One time is often enough, but if after some time a man feels like weakening and vulnerable again, he can always come to strengthen the code. It is possible to remove too, by the way. These services are free of charge, but the coding itself has its price.

– What can happen when the code is broken? Can it cause damage for person’s health?

– Nothing has been proven by scientists yet, but it is possible. Not threats, just real psychology laws. Some might encounter minor health disorders, some may even experience heart attacks or some other life-threatening illnesses. Because of that, this code works strongly when not broken and can affect the whole mentality positively. It doesn’t matter which code is broken – they all work on the influence for a man.

Deep down in psychology a man is told that after alcohol consumption his health might deteriorate. However, after this influence the brain can start ignoring alcohol, that’s why clearing processes are not as effective and get signals that there is no alcohol in organism. After lying to your own brain, it is impossible to maximally protect organism from damage and that can bring many health problems.

Every code is temporary and only when it’s working all those processes are active. The duration is chosen by the patients themselves. I would recommend 1-3 years for the first time. After that period, it is recommended to extend.

However, if code is broken, re-coding won’t have the same influence, therefore it is vital to come back again as fast as you can when you feel the weakening.

– You cure alcoholism for many years, therefore you could have noticed the differences between the genders. Is it true that woman struggle more in getting rid of the addiction?

– I haven’t seen that in my practice. Probably they just are led by their emotions more and react more sensitively to the negative reactions of others.

Because of this they might sometimes not feel themselves weakening, but this is not a tendency. Everything depends of the inner motivation.

– And what about age and “experience” of alcoholism?

– I have seen some people who had been drinking their whole life – consume the alcohol very frequently and intensively, having reached the third stage. Even in these case people are able to stand on their foot again. Age doesn’t matter as long as you strongly wish to change your habits.

Sometimes even the 50-60 years old alcoholic, who had lost his family and wife, manage to recover – marry again, buy a car and a house. That’s only because he experienced the shake-up. Even if you are old-age, no need to think it is not worth to treat your addiction. It is always valuable, as everyone has a right to build himself a happy life.

– How do the first days after coding look like?

– Transitional period exists, of course. A man needs to settle down and get used to a new world and lifestyle. Just think that he couldn’t imagine a celebration without alcohol, how can he celebrate now?

First days are very difficult because of this, especially for those who have never tried getting rid of alcohol before. Therefore those people should better opt for a shorter term of coding. They need to get some experience and not fear those periods.

Also, these times a man might be significantly more irritable, nervous or sensitive.

Another factor: if a man still smokes after excluding alcohol from his life, he will endure much harder times. They believe that getting rid of all of their addictions might be too difficult for them. However, adversely, it will be much easier, as addictions are often related to each other.

– After you endure those first difficult weeks, what happens then? How does the long-term coding affect the psychology, mentality and self-esteem?

– The most important changes are now-active self-protection and self-improvement instincts. A man like this enjoys the life more, he wants to achieve something and does it actively. That kind of lifestyle develops willingness to eat healthy and exercise more. The activated self-protection can make one realize the impact of some damaging influences that alcohol-polluted organism would ignore. The less of harm one internalizes, the more successful life he has.

His life understanding changes radically, he starts to make sweeping changes to his own life instead of stagnation. His well-being grows and his goals are achieved.

My practice shows that abstainers’ happiness is skyrocketing as they can now achieve their objectives and dreams they haven’t pursued before.

Every man has self-protection instinct since he is born, as well as the desire to improve. We are intelligent creatures that should make world a better place and contribute in some way with new methods and creations.

Everyone of us have some special abilities and talents, however, many can’t find them out, as they shadow their minds using alcohol, nicotine or other toxic substances. Because of this, many people fail to achieve the maximum level of their brain activity.

Just think about it – your mind gets cleared from alcohol in two or three weeks, so not many people can actually claim themselves to be totally sober. The majority consume alcohol at least once in two weeks, meaning they restrict themselves from reaching the maximum activity.

– Can a coded man still visit places where alcohol is consumed?

– I myself would recommend to avoid any contact where alcohol is tolerated and it gives you nothing but unneeded temptations. A better option is to find like-minded people and spend time with them. A like-minded friend is also a stimulating factor that keeps you motivated, while drinkers can only weaken your desire.

– Are failures when the code is broken happen often?

– The most decisive factor is how much a man cares about what I say during the session. A man should consciously understand that this code is not a miracle and it does not work like an aspirin pill. No code can cure alcoholism if a man doesn’t put enough effort himself. It is just a measure of help when fighting against this addiction, however this guarantees no comfortable life itself. Upgrading your sober mentality is important nonetheless.

I’m collecting stats about my method, and those who told me about breaking the code are up to only about five or six percent, mostly breaking the code towards the end. I know only a few cases when a man did it instantly. Those were unique cases, when people did not come because of their wish, but rather to show anyone else that he could do it. They didn’t have enough motivation themselves.

– What can you tell to those who believe to be capable to fight alcoholism themselves?

– Even the mentally strongest people can be beaten by alcohol, even those can get their character conquered by poisons. Just remember the painful case of Vytautas Šapranauskas. I’ve been looking up to him as a strong character, however, in my opinion, his addiction beat him. Of course, I do not know all the details, but I can say that, unfortunately, the psychologically stronger people tend not to admit that they urgently need help themselves.

Because of that people experience the inner battle against their own organism that is damaged by alcohol. It is impossible to win this fight without the professional help and then even the strongest characters can decide to quit instead of fighting…

Cases like this are terrible and touching, and they should be prevented in any possible way.


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